Program Management Services

Leading a complex, highly specialized enterprise, such as a medical transportation program, takes more than experience. It takes vision – and the ability to articulate that vision in a plan that people can believe in and follow. It takes faith in best practices and proven performers, together with the insight to recognize them. And it takes the strength to institute positive changes.

Fitch & Associates, through its sister company MedServ, provides management teams on an interim or long-term basis for a range of medical transportation programs. Whether you’re looking for an accounts receivable, communications/dispatch, clinical care or marketing team, the MedServ Management Services experts are here for you. We can even supply top-level management, such as CEOs, program directors and clinical managers.

Whether you’re an ambulance, critical care transport, emergency medical, or air medical services provider, our professional team of managers is capable of providing a full range of on-site management services customized to your organization’s needs.


EMS Program Management for Acute Care Hospitals

We provide acute care hospital EMS programs with temporary or long-term leadership with solid expertise, ensuring excellent clinical quality and safety, ongoing involvement in decision-making, increased numbers of patients delivered to your facility, and continued brand identity — all while implementing policies and procedures to align revenues with expenses.


Management of Specialty Hospital Transport Programs

For children’s hospitals and other specialty facilities, medical transport is an essential and highly visible component of clinical and operational excellence, yet managing such a program often falls outside the core expertise of such facilities.

Fitch/MedServ solves this problem by delivering the resources and operational know-how that allow your program to provide timely, high-quality service while letting you maintain clinical authority and care during transport. Whether by air or ground, we have the expertise to deliver more patients to your facility while implementing practices that prioritize clinical quality and safety, as well as maximizing reimbursement.


Program Management for Municipal & Government Agencies

Fitch/MedServ helps federal, state, county and city agencies change non-performing medical transportation operations into high-quality, high-performing systems. We understand that the bureaucratic process can be cumbersome, so we work with you on strategies that result in faster decision-making. We specialize in helping agencies like yours improve general management and operations as well as financial performance, even if it means replacing a non-performing contractor.

From improving response times to ensuring safety and excellent clinical quality, MedServ offers public agencies highly customizable, highly effective and highly efficient management solutions that result in satisfied customers.


Program Management for Private EMS & Medical Transportation Services

As an independent medical transport provider, it’s hard to avoid the pressures of having to juggle business issues, regulatory and compliance demands, succession planning and long-term needs, all while dealing with daily operational concerns. You may want to cut back on daily involvement, but to do that, you need qualified management you can trust.

Fitch/MedServ’s turnkey program offers long-term placement of highly qualified managers for essential positions, providing you with experienced leaders who can help improve your organization’s clinical, operational and financial performance. Whether your service operates in the air, on the ground or both, our extensive network of top managers can help you reach the next level.


Program Management for FAA Part 135 Operators

Many hospital and air medical consortium program officials are unaware that they have the option to convert their programs to full independent FAA Part 135 Certificate status, an option that allows them to operate their own aircraft with pilots and A&P engineers employed directly by the hospital or consortium rather than through an aviation vendor.

Fitch/MedServ offers instant access to the specialty expertise necessary to explore options for operating a total program. We can assess your current configuration, review your aviation contract and identify the aviation expertise that’s needed on-site for both the director of operations and director of maintenance positions that the FAA requires. From this assessment, we create a work plan to transition your program to full independent Part 135 status.

Program Management for International Clients

Global aircraft manufacturers, state and city governments, non-governmental organizations, private healthcare systems and private investors based outside the United States often need medical transport expertise or the services of experienced managers to lead such programs. The Fitch/MedServ team has provided these services successfully to a variety of international clients, from heads of state to large EMS systems.

We offer on-demand management services and unmatched expertise, yet our services are highly flexible and can be customized to address any need. And while we are sensitive to cultural differences and know that one size doesn’t fit all, we recognize the consistent need to deliver the highest quality clinical care, in a highly safe manner, at reasonable cost.

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