Finance & Reimbursement Consulting

Our team frequently conducts analyses and related projects focused on financial, reimbursement and funding issues. We also function as an independent review organization to audit EMS, fire ambulance, non-emergency ambulance and air medical claims to ensure federal reimbursement compliance. Further, we provide assistance in budgeting and fiscal planning.

Keeping your financial house in order is a daunting task in today’s EMS and air medical environment. Organizations are faced with limited resources and increasing expectations for service delivery. A key question often asked is: How do we maximize revenue recovery while complying with the myriad of rules and regulations and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction?

Fitch & Associates often assists organizations in developing enhanced budget and reporting processes, analyzing EMS system costs and quantifying the costs of potential system changes. We also prepare pro formas to evaluate feasibility of projects and potential new business ventures and pricing of air and ground services.

Our staff is known for the accuracy of their financial projections, and we have a demonstrated track record of improving financial performance and optimizing revenue recovery.

To learn how we can improve your fiscal future, call one of the firm’s partners today at 816-431-2600.

From the Fitch Files
Client: Large, urban city
Issue: Address allegations that the City’s fire department had overbilled Medicare, resulting in a potential liability of more than $40 million
Outcome: After Fitch’s expert review, the City repaid $2.5 million without admitting any wrongdoing or liability. Fitch was subsequently engaged to develop and deliver expanded ePCR documentation training for firefighters and medics.