EMS Consulting

Today’s EMS organizations face numerous obstacles to providing high-quality, cost-effective EMS and medical transportation services. Changing community expectations; integration of healthcare delivery systems; the need to reach performance targets despite dwindling resources; having to objectively benchmark clinical and operational results with comparable communities; and dealing with workforce recruitment, retention and leadership issues are just a few.

But every obstacle can also present a unique opportunity. At Fitch & Associates, we translate information into insight and facilitate client action. We use both quantitative and qualitative approaches that blend your understanding of local circumstances with an objective framework for evaluation. Our processes provide a solid base of information from which creative solutions can be developed and modeled.

The multi-disciplinary Fitch team combines sound processes and extensive experience to develop to community-specific solutions to community and system issues. Our skills have been honed from working on the front lines, leading systems and consulting in the public safety field. 
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We routinely work with public, private, hospital and volunteer organizations alike. Our typical assignments range from technical support in communications, operations and administrative/fiscal areas and dealing with crisis issues to providing independent reviews and strategic planning services.

When choosing a consultant, the most important question you should ask is this: Are your recommendations both consistently implemented and sustainable? At Fitch, our track record is clear: We develop customized solutions and actionable recommendations that achieve results.

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