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Communications-&-Technology-ConsultingFire departments, EMS organizations and emergency communication centers often grapple with decisions about technology. When is the best time to invest in the “next big thing”? Are the benefits worth the potential hidden costs and risks? How do you minimize the chance of something going wrong?

Fitch understands. From modest technology upgrades to complete feasibility analysis for consolidating call centers, Fitch can help.

What makes us special? We’ve assisted hundreds of clients by remembering a basic fact: Systems are built on people, processes and technologies. The best approach involves carefully addressing all three. If you simply change your technology but fail to consider process and human factors, your chances of success are very low.

In today’s one-size-fits-all world, we build solutions with your organization’s needs in mind. From specialized skill sets to governance to complex implementation and beyond, we consider all of the critical factors before making a recommendation.

The result? Peace of mind that the technology decisions you make are cost-effective, reliable and sustainable.

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From the Fitch Files
Client: The Ministry of Health for a 250,000 square mile Canadian province
Issue: Few areas outside the largest city had effective 911 service. Non-emergency service was lacking resulting in poor service and excessive costs.
Approach: A multi phase project best described as “define, design, oversee building, and implementation” was used to develop a $7.8 million Medical Transportation Coordination Centre (MTCC).
Result: The MTCC provides enhanced EMS (ground and air) and interfacility dispatch. Its 38 employees use state-of-the-art processes and technology handling 80,000 calls annually. MTCC improved response times, utilization and costs. A recent provincial report described opinions of caregivers and healthcare officials alike as “overwhelmingly positive about MTCC and the service it provided.”  The MTCC is considered to deliver excellent value.