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As communities face expanding costs and dwindling resources, they turn to Fitch & Associates for answers. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped local governments worldwide in objectively evaluating service requirements, developing fully customized, accountable response systems, and working to optimize and improve existing fire, EMS, communications and law enforcement systems.

Our approach recognizes the unique geo-political and economic attributes of individual communities. Cookie-cutter consultants can’t match the stakeholder engagement strategies and in-depth solutions that have long been a hallmark of Fitch projects. In addition to paying attention to process, we use review strategies based on current science and best practice. Our analysis allows community leaders to objectively match desired service with acceptable risk levels and available funding.

Fitch in the News

In Pinellas County, Florida, Fitch & Associates performed a comprehensive EMS study of the county’s EMS system and made recommendations to ensure its long-term viability.
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Unparalleled Experience

Fitch & Associates has the unbiased expertise you need to make defensible decisions about critical services. From EMS and fire system design, objective review and competitive procurements to discovering opportunities for improvement, we provide customized solutions to complex problems.

Our unique approach brings together some of the most respected people in their fields in a collaborative, cost-efficient team environment. The result is actionable, sustainable recommendations, targeted to your community’s needs.

Fitch in Action

In metropolitan Charlotte, N.C., Fitch provided interim leadership and led the transformation of a struggling county EMS system into a separate agency that meaningfully engaged competing regional hospital systems as governance and funding partners with the Mecklenburg County Government.

Fitch team members are regular authors for major public safety journals, including the Annual Survey of the Largest 200 Cities in American and the Annual Salary Survey published by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. Our staff members have served on the program committee for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and authored multiple monographs on fire and EMS for ICMA.

Many of the firm’s consultants have previously served in a variety of local elected and appointed positions, giving them a deep understanding of the multiple perspectives that must be reconciled to effectively implement change in this environment.

Client Testimonial

Listen as our clients talk about what it’s like to work with Fitch & Associates on local government and similar projects.
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ICMA Strategic Partner

Fitch & Associates is a proud Strategic Partner of the International City/County Management Association.