Air Medical & Critical Care Transport Consulting

AirMedicalTo be competitive, critical care and specialty care transport services, both air and ground, must work to implement clinical and operational improvements without losing focus on reliability and stability in a turbulent healthcare environment. At Fitch & Associates, we develop agile organizations that excel even in uncertain times.

The most pressing concerns facing today’s critical care and specialty care transport services include:

  • Competition
  • Changing reimbursement
  • High fixed costs
  • Growing capital demands for safety technology
  • Personnel requirements
  • Increasingly complex standards for operation
  • And other issues

At Fitch & Associates, we work with some of the most successful air medical, critical care and specialty transport services in the nation. From start-up to consulting to turnkey management, we offer a complete range of services to programs of all types—traditional hospital-based programs, consortiums, shared services and community-based services alike.


Typical planning projects include demand analysis, design and implementation of new or expansion of existing air medical or ground critical care services, shared service (e.g. hybrid or private labeling) and consortium design, and comprehensive market research and strategic planning services.

From the Fitch Files
Client: Anchorage, Alaska-area
Issue: Evaluate potential merger of two air-medical programs
Approach: Fitch led a three-phased development and implementation process for a new critical care (medical helicopter, medical airplane, and ground) transport organization.
Result: Expanded services, greater economy of scale and reduction of costly, duplicative processes and expenses.

Service Improvement and Optimization

Service improvement and optimization projects generally involve a top-to-bottom program review including operations, safety, clinical care, aviation and financial performance. We’ve completed comprehensive medical and operational quality improvement reviews, program accreditation “mock” surveys, standard development/compliance/remediation, and comprehensive safety assessments leading to the design and implementation of a service based Safety Management System (SMS) approach.

From the Fitch Files
Client: Large Midwestern nonprofit air medical organization
Issue: Complete operational review
Approach: After a comprehensive program review, Fitch & Associates recommended 50 improvements to achieve operational, safety, clinical and financial best practices.
Outcome: Virtually all recommendations were endorsed and implemented by program leadership and staff.

Financial Services

Financial services include revenue cycle consulting, fiscal planning assistance, billing compliance reviews, management of competitive procurements for medical transportation providers, aircraft, and/or aviation management services, and membership program development.

From the Fitch Files
Client: Rocky Mountain region air-medical program
Issue: Need for outside financial expertise
Approach: Fitch assisted with acquisition of new aircraft, procurement of aviation services, and facilitation of operator negotiations.
Outcome: Enhanced safety, reliability and operational efficiency, and improved financial sustainability for the program.

Leadership Services

Fitch & Associates provides leadership-related services for air medical and critical care transport programs nationwide, ranging from executive recruitment, leadership development and coaching to interim, transition and long-term contracted management services. We also provide leadership to the industry as a whole, via proactive association participation, conference presentations, and industry-specific safety and workplace journal articles.

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